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Sprayspheres - SC

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Creates Visual Effects in your Soaps, Emulsions, gels, Lotions & creams.

Welcome to Cosmetics Beads

Umang Pharmatech established in the year 1982 is a market leader in process and Pelletization and oral thin film equipment, Expanded its horizons to Personal care & Homecare Division in 2007 with the objective to provide quality & customized solutions that add value to our customer's products.

Umang Pharmatech is a multi-products polymer engineering group with proven capabilities in designing, developing and manufacturing various Polymers, Sugar Spheres / MCC Spheres, Sprayspheres, and other related products. Umang is a specialist of Exfoliating beads, Specialty Particles, and Encapsulation solutions to give various visual effects into formulations.

As an innovative leader in high-quality visual carriers, an impressive range of possibilities is available. In addition to the wide range of existing products, more colors, sizes, and customization as per consumer requirement.


To provide customer success by delivering innovative products and technology solutions there by differentiating them from others.


  • We innovate consistently.
  • We believe in acquiring knowledge.
  • Organization before self.
  • We challenge status Quo.
  • We are authentic and Trustworthy.
  • We honor our commitment and responsive.

Our Brand Promise

100% Customer delight in all touch points.


Cellulose Spheres

Sprayspheres - SC

Sprayspheres - SC

Cellulose spheres are also called as Cosmetic Beads or Micro Beads. Cellulose spheres deliver un-paralled consistency and controlled Micro encapsulation of actives like

Cosmetic Glitter

Sprayspheres - SH

Sprayspheres - SH

Cosmetic Glitter are also called as Cosmetic Beads or Micro Beads. Cosmetic Glitter deliver un-paralled consistency and controlled Micro encapsulation of actives like

Exfoliation Spheres

Sprayspheres - SA

Sprayspheres - SA

Unlike other facial scrubs which are abrasive and cause skin damage, our exfoliation spheres gently exfoliates and deep cleans your skin while protecting and moisturizing the skin

Surprise Spheres

Sprayspheres - SS

Sprayspheres - SS

Surprise spheres are based on color applications that is the sphere inner core which is the main color is hidden by a coating on top, eg. a green beads inside can be covered with a golden

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