Exhibition News

HPCI Exhibition in Mumbai (Goregoan)

31st Jan and 1st Feb 2018
Umang Pharmatech Participant in HPCI Exhibition in Mumbai 31st Jan and 1st Feb 2018, The one of the best Exhibition center we have participant, It was a pleasure to meet you and introduce our products better. Thanks for your visit in our Stall; The fair was a great success for our company, We are always at your disposal.

37 Anniversary Celebration

5th March 2018
We celebrate our 37 birthday anniversary in Umang Pharmatech Pvt.ltd. We are every year to mark the successful Completion, It is an event of celebration.

The COO Umang Budhraja Speech to employees –
Cake Cutting and other Celebration –
Umang Pharmatech - Buffet lunch organized to all employees
Umang Pharmatech have certain vision and mission and several targets to be achieved. With the help of employees, Clients and Customers, Companies are able to gain the success and revenue they desire.

Holi Celebration

2nd March 2018
We Organized Holi Celebration at Our facility, Holi is mostly seen as a time for people to get together and enjoy themselves. It is Purpose of Umang Pharmatech to all employees get together and work together.