This is possible due to its uncompromising approach and adherence to strictest of quality procedures and practices. In keeping with the requirements of the customers, its quality assurance department adopts the best of procedures and practices and offers value added service. It adheres to highest standards of quality by strict compliance to cGMP, as well as good laboratory practices (GLP). Standard operating procedures developed with active support of leading multinational partners like Dove, Colgate, Flama, Heinz etc and maintain unequalled quality standards at all times. Our commitment to maintaining quality standards are further strengthened by multinational company audits. The plant is scrupulously maintained through built-in rigorous Quality Assurance procedures, strict documentation and internal audits. Our superior validation systems result in the production of high quality products at all times. We emphasize greatly on training thereby ensuring outstanding team performance. We have been repeatedly excelling in audits of our multinational partners.